March 2, 2016

Hey friends!


I've had so many requests for silver and/or light blonde and/or balayage.  I've seen many shares covering what it takes to reach white blonde/silver hair & have shared a few by others. Thanks to this awesome client, I was able to create my own.


MiMi was a...

February 16, 2016

Here are some fun Gel Polish Manicures I did for your viewing pleasure :}



February 16, 2016



2016 Weddings officially began for me last Saturday.









December 28, 2015

Hi all!


We hope everyone is having an awesome holiday vacation.  We sure are.  We spent the last week enjoying family time and actually got our first coat of paint (basically) finished today.  We plan to be back at it tomorrow.


Anyhow, we just wanted to pop i...

November 9, 2015



So it's time to officially announce Jane and I's big news.  

As of January 2016, we will be operating out of a NEW STUDIO.  

Q & A:


Who? - Jane & Kate

What? - hair, skincare, nails, waxing, makeup, bridal

Where? - 134E Walnut St, Lancaster 17602

When? - We pl...

October 13, 2015



Hey friends!  So we just finished our last trade show of the 2015 year.  


As many of you know, Jane and I travel nationwide working hair shows and beauty exhibitions.  


So often, we get asked, "Sooo, what exactly do you do when you travel?"  So I thought I woul...

September 13, 2015

...just wanted to pop in and say hi! Jane & I are back from family vacation.  No matter what your chosen profession, I think taking time for yourself and to be with family is SO IMPORTANT.


 Not only did we have too much fun, but I think it's safe to say a week of R&R h...

August 31, 2015

Hey friends!  I thought I'd talk a little on skincare since it's something that I've recently made a priority in my beauty regime.


Although my mother and business PIC has been an esthetician through my teen years until present, I have not always been so concerned...