Skin Care

Hey friends! I thought I'd talk a little on skincare since it's something that I've recently made a priority in my beauty regime.

Although my mother and business PIC has been an esthetician through my teen years until present, I have not always been so concerned with taking care of my skin. I used to use bar soap and refuse SPF. NOW, I take pride in my skin and take time for preventitive and maintenance measures. Here are a few I think are important:

Cleanse Daily: Make sure to use a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type i.e. oily, combination, dry. Cleanse morning and night.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate regularly. Facial exfoliaters are different from those you use on your body. Make sure to use

appropriate facial scrubs for your face and something for your body to remove dead skin, makeup, & buildup. Consider skin type and daily regime when determining how often you should exfoliate.

Moisturize!: EVERYDAY. Be sure to mositurize every day with an SPF Facial Moisturizer. I am currently using Bio Jouvance with SPF 12. This is so crucial for anti-aging and general skin health.

Monthly Facials: Jane offers several facial options in several price categories. She will customize your service to your needs and preferences. If you're not able to visit Jane monthly for skincare maintenance, be sure to do it at home! Aside from cleansing, exfoliating, & moisturizing, add a mask in to your regime at least once a month and gently extract acne that is ready i.e. white head.

WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN: Last but certainly not least, WEAR YOUR SPF! I promise you I avoided SPF up until last summer. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception (that I fell for) that you won't get tan. Not only will you get a tan, it will be a BETTER tan. I've been wearing SPF 45 this year and my tans are even, hydrated, not orange, and my skin is HEALTHY. SPF is a major anti aging necessity as it prevents wrinkles and sun spots.

If you're in need of new skincare supplies, stop by and see us! We use & retail Bio Jouvance Paris.

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