Breaking Platinum

March 2, 2016

Hey friends!


I've had so many requests for silver and/or light blonde and/or balayage.  I've seen many shares covering what it takes to reach white blonde/silver hair & have shared a few by others. Thanks to this awesome client, I was able to create my own.


MiMi was a perfect candidate for this process. She knew what was involved financially and time wise, all while enjoying and embracing every step of the process.


1st Picture - Natural Black Hair scalp - midshaft. Remnants of color midshaft - ends


2nd Picture - After toning, Color after 1st process of 40V Lightener + Olaplex #1 Balayaged 30 min.


3rd Picture - After toning, Color after 2nd process of 40V Lightener + Olaplex #1 Balayaged 30 min., Breaking Gold


4th Picture - After toning, Color after 3rd process of 40V Lightener + Olaplex #1 Balayaged 30 min., Breaking Paler Yellows 


5th Picture - Processing added foils with 50V Lightener + Olaplex #1 40V Lightener + Olaplex #1 Balayaged 30-40 min.


6th Picture - Result from 5th Picture


7th Picture - 5th session, Rinsing after processing same steps as 5th Picture


8th Picture - After toning, 5th session results unstyled


9th, 10th, 11th Picture - Result after applying Kenra Violet scalp - midshaft, Joico K-Pak Light Purple midshaft - ends


***I also followed each step with Olaplex #2 and towards the end, I used the Alfaparf Semi Di Lindo Reconstruction mask. Olaplex is a must with this type of service.  The reconstruction mask is wonderful as well for any client with dry or damaged ends.


This was quite the journey. We had so much fun and we're not done yet! I hope this was an intrigueing read at least and may help you when choosing what to do with your hair next.




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