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Episode 2 Artist Series - Hilda Palm

For our second installment of our artist highlight series, we interviewed Hilda, our incredibly talented nail tech!

Hilda graduated from the Lancaster School of Cosmetology in March 2022 and has been with us at Studio 8 ever since. We asked what made her interested in pursuing becoming a nail tech. She said she was on her Instagram explore page and kept seeing nail content, and she took that as her sign. She was tired of her 9-5 social work desk job and wanted something where she would be happier and have a creative outlet.

Hilda’s favorite service to perform is nail art, specifically on soft gel tips (more room to work!). She loves how this art medium gives her the ability to express herself creatively and to her fullest extent. She loves being able to find inspiration online and recreate it herself for practice or for other clients.

Hilda loves being able to meet wonderful clients and seeing their transformation in their own personal happiness from when they walk in the door to when they leave. Hilda is currently working on stepping out of her comfort zone in regards to nail art, and she’s excited to keep growing and see all that this industry has to offer! When not working, she loves being with her cat and friends. After the past few difficult years, she’s happy to be around people who love and inspire her.

If you’re interested in Hilda doing your nails, book down below!


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