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What are Soft Gel Tips?


You may have been hearing people talk recently about soft gel tips for nails. But what are they? And are they right for you? This post will break down everything that goes into it, including cost (at Studio 8 Lancaster), maintenance, and types of nail services!

So, what are soft gel tips?

Soft gel tips are full coverage, pre-shaped and size soft gel nail extensions. They last up to 4 weeks with proper care. Shapes and sizes include square, coffin, and almond, and also stiletto for longer nails. The starting cost is $55.

  • They can be easily soaked off in 15-20 minutes

  • No refills required, so you get a new set each time you come in

  • No harsh chemicals are used during application

  • There is no odor

  • They are lightweight on the nail bed

  • All products used are gel based


How do you know which kind of nail service is right for you?

Traditional nail polish is perfect if you like to change your nails often

Gel is good for longevity and durability, 2+ weeks.

Dip gel is good for longevity and durability, 2+ weeks.

Soft gel tips are great for length, durability, and longevity (3+ weeks)

For adding on nail art, a detailed design started at $5 per nail. A simple design would be $3 per nail. Bling and foil would be $2 per nail. French tips are $10. To design all nails would be $15.


What to do if the nail chips?

First and foremost, do not rip them off. By ripping or picking at the polish, you are damaging your nail plate and taking layers off your natural nail. Call the salon and book a removal. By doing this, the nail tech is properly and safely removing the polish without damaging your nail bed.

If you can’t make an appointment, you can do a safe removal at home. You’ll need a file and 100% pu

re acetone, aluminum foil, and cotton balls. First, buff the top layer of your nails with the file. Soak each cotton ball with acetone, and wrap each nail with the foil with the cotton ball on top. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then they should be easy to take off! We recommend putting vaseline or lotion on your nails and cuticles after removal to hydrate your skin.


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