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Body Waxing, The Truth Be Told

By Jane Witmer, Licensed Esthetician, AKA "Lancaster Wax Queen"

Scared to try waxing? Had a bad experience and hesitant to try again? Or just have questions before your appointment.

Yes, waxing can be painful, but there is a difference between “Good Hurt” and “Bad Hurt." By following the guidelines below your waxing service can be stress free and rewarding.

Safety and Sanitary Concerns

As your wax specialist, rest assured safety and sanitation is my #1 concern.

Sanitary measures I take before/after every client:

  • Room, wax pots, surfaces and product containers used during services are cleaned after every client.

  • Absolutely NO “Double Dipping” wax applicators ever

  • Sanitize client's hands and my own before applying gloves prior to service

Before Your Appointment

  • Consultation first - one-on-one with Jane to discuss contraindications, desired results, and comfort level

  • I will always be your wax technician to successfully maintain consistency in your waxing experience

  • Be sure that your hair is about 1/4 - 1/2 inch long

  • Exfoliate the area the day prior to service

  • Take Ibuprofen approximately 30 minutes prior

  • Service should not be less than 2-3 days before or after menstrual cycle

  • Avoid excessive heat treatments like hot tubs, tanning, and saunas before and right after your service

  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment

  • If you are on your period for Brazilian/bikini/sphinx waxing, it will not be a problem to keep your appointment. You skin may be a little more sensitive, but there is no issues with the actual waxing.

After Your Appointment

  • Avoid excessive heat treatments for 48 hours after

  • Do not apply deodorant or heavily scented body lotions for 24 hours

  • Apply Witch Hazel 2 times daily for 2 days on waxed area

  • Wear loose fitting clothes for 24 hours after appointment

  • For daily care in between services use Fur Oil to soften coarse hair and prevent ingrown

  • For treating ingrown hairs use Fur Ingrown Concentrate Fur products available at Studio 8

Waxes Used During Services

  • Hard Wax is used on facial, underarm, bikini, brazilian and all small areas. Hard wax is less invasive than soft strip wax. You can apply hard wax 2-3 times to same area for effective removal of all hair

  • Soft Strip Wax is used on facial areas where hard wax is not effective and in all large areas such as back, legs arms and where speed waxing techniques are used. Soft wax is more invasive to skin and can only be applied once to a given area.

Benefits of Waxing VS Shaving

  • Decrease in ingrown hairs and no razor burn

  • Hair-free for up to 3 weeks

  • Hair becomes finer, thinner, and sparser and removal becomes less painful with consistent waxing

About Jane Witmer, "Lancaster Wax Queen"

  • Over 21 years as waxing professional

  • 15 years as wax educator for Gigi and Clean & Easy Wax product lines

  • Highest standards in safety and sanitation protocols

  • Co-owner of Studio 8 Salon and Spa, Inc.


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