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Creative Color Q&A

Considering entering the world of creative hair color?

Before reading further keep in mind, consultation is key! This guide answers general questions, more specific questions will be answered before your appointment when you consult with Annie. Inspiration pictures are encouraged! Through consultation Annie will create a custom vivid hair plan that is realistic for your lifestyle, the current state of your hair and hair history.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is creative color right for me or my child?

There are so many options when it comes to creative color! Creative color doesn't have to be a full head of unicorn rainbow hair (it can be though). More subtle options are available such as peekaboo placements, highlights/balayage, ombre or dip-dye. Fashion color tape-in extensions are another option that might be great for you or your child.

How long will the color stay?

This all depends on aftercare. The less you wash, the longer your color stays. When wash day does come around use a salon quality, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. These haircare products are free of color stripping sulfates. Washing in cold water will also greatly aid in preserving your color.

Vivid dyes sit on top of the hair cuticle, or top layer of the hair strand, warm or hot water blasts open the cuticle. Once the cuticle is open color is released and your hair fades. On the contrary, cold water seals the cuticle, locks in color and enhances shine.

Inevitably all artificial hair color fades. With that said, embrace the fade! Each time you wash you will lose some color, but that just means an ever-changing development of beautiful hues. To keep ultimate vibrancy between appointments, custom pigment shampoos and masks make for easy upkeep.

What do I need to know about pastels and silver hair?

Pastel and silver colors require a level 10 base, aka platinum blonde. For some this might take multiple sessions to safely lighten your hair to this level. For example this would be harder to achieve for darker hair or box-colored hair vs virgin or all-natural hair. All of this would be discussed in consultation.

Keep in mind, pastels don’t last as long as deeper and brighter colors.

How much will it cost?

Creative haircolor is charged hourly. The first two hours are $160, any additional hour is $64. Due to the custom nature, additional charges may apply.

How long will the service take?

The duration of a creative haircolor service depends on many factors. Vivid haircolor services tend to take longer than a more traditional hair appointment due to being double-process. This means your hair must first be lightened, then dried, then the fashion colors can be applied.

Current hair color, the amount of vivid colors desired, and hair history all affect the estimated duration of your appointment. If any box-dye is on your hair we must know before your appointment, as their presence will determine realistic goals. If box-dye and specifically black box-dye is on your hair, a test strand may be required prior to your appointment. Your hair health is our number one goal! When it comes to vivids, keep your mind open!

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