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Episode 3 Artist Series - Jane Witmer

For our third installment of our artist series, we interviewed Studio 8's Co-Owner and Wax Queen, Jane Witmer!

Interest and Education

Jane had been caring for father who was sick and working full time in jewelry. Once he passed, she took a break and wanted to reinvent her life. She had always like makeup and was told she would need a license so she pursed esthetics. From there, she went to the Lancaster School of Cosmetology, graduating in January of 2000. The following year, she returned for her nail license and then went for her teacher's education.


Jane loves what she does because she loves doing good for other people and making them happy. Her client's good energy goes home with her instead of any stress.

Her favorite services to perform are waxing, but specifically Brazilians!

The Future

Jane is currently working towards always continuing her education, which you can always do, no matter your level of experience. She's excited to attend IBS (International Beauty Show) this March. She's worked the show as an educator before, but now gets to attend to learn with the whole studio!


Some of Jane's favorite product lines we sell are Circadia, Gigi Wax Clean and Easy product lines, as well as Ardell brands.

Experience as an Educator

As an educator, Jane traveled to many states, including Hawaii as a top educator. She worked full time as an esthetician, but when the show season started, she would travel on the weekends educating at beauty shows, salons, and distributors. Among her education topics, she taught Gigi Wax Clean and Easy and Ardell Lashbelong extension education.

We all love Jane and her work so much! To book with her, click the link below.


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