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Studio 8's Bridal Booking Process

Here's a quick glance at what our booking process looks like at Studio 8!


Our bridal booking process begins on the bridal page at Here you would complete and submit our bridal inquiry contact form with your name, wedding date, estimated head counts, and any other relevant information! We are always prompt to respond with our availability and more detailed pricing. This goes directly to our bridal coordinator who will be your point of contact through the booking process. Here you will also find pricing, reviews, gallery, and more on our talented bridal team.

Following the initial inquiry, we will hold your date for 7 days while you review our sample contract and pricing menu. When you're ready to move forward with securing your date, we will send the official, full contract to your email through a third-party. We will also send you a deposit invoice to secure your date.

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Hair and Makeup Trial

Once your date is secured, your next step would be to schedule your hair and makeup trial with your lead technician. We always recommend scheduling it promptly for optimal availability. You can schedule as close or as far from your wedding as you'd like! We like to recommend shooting for the day of a bridal-related event such as an engagement photoshoot, bridal shower, dress fitting, etc. This is not mandatory, it's just a nice way to "try-on" your look.

Final Steps

As your wedding approaches, we're always available to answer any questions you may have! We ask that your headcount and start/end time be finalized 30 days before your wedding. We are then able to start building your detailed hair and makeup schedule.

We will send your final invoice and hair and makeup schedule the week of your wedding. The invoice will be due the day before the event to limit your stress day-of!

Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you can sit back and relax as our talented bridal team gets you and everyone wedding ready! We will arrive to set up 15 minutes before the first scheduled services.

Check our our lead technicians Kate and Kara on Instagram!


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