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What are Weft Hair Extensions?

What are Weft Hair Extensions?

Hand Tied Wefts are individual strands of hair that are tied together by hand, creating a secure, strong, thin weft. Hand tied wefts are ideal for fine to medium hair.

PU Machine Wefts are made by tying hair into a fine mesh, adding reinforcement by stitching through the mesh. The wefts are finalized with a polyurethane (PU) bond to prevent shedding while still keeping it lightweight and customizable. PU machine wefts are ideal for medium to thick hair.

How the Wefts are Applied

Weft extensions are applied using silicone lined beads. This offers a quick solution for the ultimate full-coverage application. No tape, glue, or heat is needed for this method.


  • Halo Pro Weft extensions are made with the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair available.

  • The application time is quick with no time consuming or harmful effects of bonding, heat, or glue.

  • There are no visible gaps, which makes it look natural and full, with a seamless transition from your natural hair to the extensions.

  • Adds length and volume instantly

  • Enhance color without the use of harsh chemicals

  • You can wear the extensions like your own hair.

  • 25 shades 19 original colors - 6 balayage blends

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