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Why Hair and Makeup Trials are a Must for Your Big Day

We know how stressful wedding planning can be, especially when trying to find a beauty team that matches your desires. Your wedding hair and makeup is one of the most important features of your wedding look which makes finding the right team key. When you do find the one, trials are essential to help build your trust in your stylist, better prepare for the big day, and make your bridal beauty dreams come to life! 

Bridal hair and makeup trials are an essential step in the bridal beauty process. Your trial is the best time to collaborate with your stylist to perfect your desired look and aesthetic, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision. Trials give you the opportunity to see your stylist in action while getting to know one another better. 

Meet Our Lead Bridal Stylists

Kate ~ Master Hair & Bridal Stylist

Kate has been working weddings since 2013, with an average of 20 weddings a year. Kate gives extra attention to her client consultations to provide a friendly, personal experience that caters to client satisfaction. She prioritizes client relationships, considering her clientele to be like a second family. She prides herself on continuing education, always eager to learn the latest trends and techniques!

Kara ~ Hair and Makeup Artist

Kara has been in the beauty industry since 2007, now specializing in Bridal Hair and Makeup in Central PA. In 2019, Kara was acknowledged as one of the best makeup artists in Lancaster's Readers Choice Awards alongside her former business partner. Kara's signature makeup style is naturally enhanced looks. She loves to play up the eyes, smooth out the skin, and most of all, leave you feeling like yourself!

Everyone is different so having a trial gives your stylist the opportunity to find products that fit your hair and skin type best. We encourage you to bring accessories such as hair combs, pins, your veil, and jewelry as well. Trials allow you to try on the look with the ability to make changes before the big day. Getting to experience your bridal hair and makeup before the wedding day ensures the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

How to Prep for the Big Day

*We encourage all members receiving hair & makeup services to follow these instructions

Exfoliate the Night Before

  • Exfoliate your skin and lips ideally the night before. This can be done with a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant. The goal is to eliminate dead/flakey skin and other skin imperfections so that cosmetics lay nicely. 

Get Your Brows Shaped

  • Whether you get them waxed or threaded, this will help the cosmetics lay nicer while bringing the entire makeup look together. 

Facial Hair Removal

  • If you have excessive peach fuzz in other areas of your face, we recommend getting it removed by waxing, dermaplaning, or threading. This also contributes to a better finish with foundation, etc. 

*For all the above prep recommendations, be sure to try each one at least once before the week of the wedding appointment.



  • Get hair trimmed/debulked a month before the wedding. Bonus points for a natural highlight that gives dimension and showcases detail in your updo. 

Come with Clean, Dry Hair

  • If possible, shampoo your hair twice, first with a clarifying shampoo and then a hydrating shampoo. Feel free to add a little mousse to your hair before drying, otherwise avoid any other products. Have hair blown out as smooth as possible and parted at desired placement without using a flat iron. Hair should be dry unless you have requested a blowout. For those who requested a blowout, come with wet hair. 

For those with Naturally Curly Hair

  • For those with naturally curly hair wanting a naturally curly hair style, come with hair dry and curls styled with preferred products. We will touch up the natural curls with a specific tool for this type of style. 

  • For those with naturally curly hair wanting a smooth style, come with your hair blown out as smooth as possible without using a flat iron. 

Clip-In Extensions

  • For anyone who wishes to use clip-in extensions, please bring them clean, dry, and brushed through. Additional fees apply for extension work for all people receiving services 

Flower Girls

  • An adult must be present for the duration of services for flower girls and young children. Have face clean and hair brushed through prior to their scheduled appointment. We recommend choosing secure, contained hair styles to better ensure longevity of the style. 

Bridal beauty can be very stressful on top of all the wedding tasks you have to do. Our team at Studio 8 prioritizes your comfort and relaxation while making you feel beautiful in your own skin. Our entire team is here to help through the entire process and provide support and pampering for this important time in your life. We cannot wait to work with you for both your trial and wedding day!


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