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Wedding Prep and Self-Care

Whether you’re getting married in a week or a year, planning your wedding is stressful important to remember to take care of yourself and make sure you’re feeling and looking your best on your big day! Here’s a great list of ideas for things you can do in preparation for your wedding.

Hair Extensions

Surprise! This updo has extensions. Whether you want length or volume for your wedding day hair, extensions are a great way to enhance your style. They’re perfect whether you want to wear your hair down or up! Kate does full rows for length, or partial for volume. Schedule a consultation with her now to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Also, check out our blog post about hand-tied weft extensions to learn all about them!


Nails are one of your most important wedding day accessories.

A simple nude or a little sparkle; whatever it is, let it feel like you! Inquire about soft gel tips for added length. Getting your nails done is fun and will last the whole wedding week! To learn more about soft gel tips, check out our blog post on them!

Facial and Dermaplaning

A custom facial with Jaina is the perfect way to treat yourself to relaxation from the stressful wedding planning, plus it gets your skin wedding day ready!

Add on dermaplaning to exfoliate your skin and allow your makeup to lay smoother the day of your wedding! Speak with our esthetician, Jaina, to plan your at-home skincare routine leading up to your wedding.

Brazilian/Sphinx Wax

Don’t forget your waxing! Get yourself honeymoon ready with a bikini, Brazilian, or sphinx wax! Whatever suits your needs, Jane will take care of you.

Brow Wax, Lamination, and Tint

For a brow that lasts straight through the honeymoon, consider shaping and tinting.

For an added bonus, add lamination for control and fullness. Jane or Jaina will take care of you for whatever you want.

Eyelash Extensions or Tint

Want your eyes to pop on your wedding day? We recommend getting lash extensions! They are semi-permanent, so they’ll last for the honeymoon! You don’t need to worry about them lifting, like you might with a strip lash. They also provide a more natural look for your wedding. Alternatively, a lash lift and tint will work with your natural lashes to have them curl and have more dimension with the tint! Schedule a consultation with Jane or Jaina to learn about your options.

Whatever your needs end up being, make sure that ultimately you take care of yourself.

Things to keep in mind that you can do at home are taking vitamins and supplements, sticking to a solid skincare routine, getting plenty of beauty sleep, and eating healthy.


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